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Really, Becoming a Fan of Herman's UT for CFP Bid?

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November 25, 2018 at 1:37pm

Complete re-edit:

Ok, let me retry to clear this up. WTF comments prior to this edit are perhaps deserved.

What will realistically motivate Herman to win given there are multiple reasons to lose:
-alleged role in the ZS saga would indicate he is now Urban's foe
-UT underdog; nobody would call a big UT loss a crime worth investigating
-B12 allegiance is sometimes transitive to OU
-holds one of the keys to either OU or OSU NC bid
-if at some point in OU v UT game it's clear the "pundits" were right, why would he not let off the pedal to let OU take the inside track v OSU in the CFP bid race.
-have college football game plans never been leaked before?

Why buy the OSU fans are now fans of UT (Herman) hopium? 


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