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Can We Talk About the Late Season Officiating by B1G Refs?

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November 25, 2018 at 1:30pm

Just looking at the Maryland and TTUN games.  In the Maryland game, you have the called PI in the end zone when the ball was at least 12 feet over the receivers head (read: uncatchable).  You have an uncalled holding on a long return right in front of a ref that wasn't called (almost ripped off his jersey).  Yesterday you have called PI's when there was barely any contact to extend drives, you a have missed targeting call on DH, their first TD should have been called incomplete.  Check the replays, the ball was on the ground when they rolled over.  Not the one that was reviewed and overturned after initially being called incomplete, talking about the first one in the North End zone.  The uncalled defensive holding that was plainly pointed out by Joel and Gus early in the game.  Seriously, what the hell is going on?

I try not to buy into the whole "conspiracy against the Buckeyes" thing, but these last two games, it makes you wonder.  Usually you get some calls and don't get others, but the last two games really feels like the other team got all the calls and we got all the no calls, although I'm sure there were a couple meaningless calls that went OSU's way.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?  Am I missing something and just being a homer?  Do you think this will be addressed with the league in the off-season?

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