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Ohio State/Oklahoma Resume Comparison(OSU Better?)

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November 25, 2018 at 10:43am

One week from today we will once again be faced with OSU vying for spot number 4. OSU and Oklahoma's AD are on the committee so the decision will be made by 11 people. We're gonna assume both win out. Whoever misses would be the first 1-loss champ to miss courtesy of ND going 12-0 (thanks Michigan)

Oklahoma-Florida Atlantic(5-7) UCLA(3-9) @Iowa State(7-4 was ranked 25 will move up)  Army(9-2) Baylor(6-6) L-Texas(9-3 #14 will either finish 12/13) @TCU(6-6) Kansas State(4-7) @Texas Tech(5-7) Oklahoma State(6-6) Kansas(3-9) @West Virginia(8-3 #13 before loss should end up around 17) Texas championship game

Ohio state-Oregon state(2-10) Rutgers(1-11) TCU(6-6) Tulane(6-6) @Penn State(9-3 #12) Indiana(5-7) Minnesota(6-6) L--@Purdue(6-6 and by 30 points) Nebraska(4-8) @Michigan State(7-5) @Maryland(5-7) Michigan(10-2 #7-9) Northwestern(8-4 #18ish) 

So first the obvious their loss is much better and they get to avenge it. They beat tcu 52-27 we beat tcu 40-28. We will finish with 3 ranked wins and they will have 3. Michigan by 30 and @PSU are better than their best win @WVU. We beat 8 bowl eligible teams and played 11 P5 teams they beat 7 bowl eligible teams and played 10 P5 teams. Eye test after this week is probably in favor of us with how bad we beat Michigan. We will be B1G champs which many consider better than Big 12 but not by much. In my opinion we have a very slight edge in every category except for how bad the loss is. We will need to have another great game to get in. 

Edit* Iowa State#25 had a big comeback I thought they lost last night so they will stay ranked

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