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Why OSU Didn't Move Up and CFP Committee Got It Right.

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November 13, 2018 at 7:30pm

1.) OSU has BY FAR the worst loss of any team in the top 10. Purdue losing to minnesota and losing to eastern michigan makes us look so damn bad.
2.)We've beaten 2 teams with winning records ; PSU and MSU
3.)Safe to say they don't care about that TCU win, idc if they've had injuries or not(every team does) they lost to freaking kansas and they made it a game with us until late 3rd quarter.
4.) No team above us lost

Only thing questionable is LSU but they've had the most difficult schedule in CFB (Ring a bell, something we were whining about with Bama last season?) 1 close loss in a road game and a bad loss to by far the best team in CFB. They have 6 wins against teams with winning records and arguably the best win in CFB (against UGA).

UK at #17 is odd but really other than that CFP committee has done quite well so far. OSU doesn't deserve shit right now until they play michigan and hopefully win.


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