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Zach Smith Denies Alleged Sexual Relationship With Ohio State Secretary

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August 30, 2018 at 4:34pm

In an interview with USA TODAY's A.J. Perez on Thursday, Zach Smith denied the accusation contained in Ohio State's investigative report that he had a sexual relationship with a secretary who worked for the football team.

Smith also denied the allegations that he sent sexually explicit photos of himself from the White House, and said the sex toys he had mailed to the football team's offices were a gag gift for a friend.

From Perez's report:

“I have never had sexual relations with anyone I worked with," Smith said. "That’s my No. 1 rule in life. Not one human. Nobody.”

The OSU report also cited salacious accusations that were originally reported by Stadium, including that Smith had sent sexually explicit photos of himself from the White House during the football team's 2015 visit, and that he had sex toys mailed to the football office.

Smith denied sending the photos, and of the sex toys said, “I ordered it as a gag gift for a bachelor party for my best friend who was getting married.”

Smith also continues to maintain that he never committed domestic violence, and had strong words regarding Ohio State's decision to fire him and suspend Meyer, describing the university as "spineless."

“He never protected me,” Smith said in a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports. “Urban knew the truth. That’s what’s lost in all this: the truth. Everything he’s said negatively about me, that’s all on Ohio State. That’s all from the pressure they put on him to keep his job because they are spineless. That’s why they fired Jim Tressel. They are absolutely spineless and that probably come from the board, the president – all of them.”

Ohio State spokesperson Chris Davey said Thursday in an email that the university was "looking into" Smith's statement's to USA TODAY Sports. 

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