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Martell Cartel OR Baldwin Bus: QBGeddon Infinity War

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May 24, 2018 at 8:32am

Did you think QBGeddon Was over with the transfer of Jeaux Burreaux to LSU and Urban saying the D’Wayne Train gets the FIRST shot at QB1 in camp...? Did you? 

Not with the way UFM recruits QBs. This debate will never be over. Ever. We might get a temporary reprieve, but there is always a promising gunslinger waiting in the wings.

I know there’s some people out there still hyping the Martell Cartel (Moves Like Braxton!!!) or chartering the Baldwin Bus (The Lake Travis tapes!!!)

You can’t hide.

We know you’re there waiting for that first interception...or after Haskins throws for 5000 yards and 69 TDS winning the Heisman, the Natty, and being the #1 QB taken in the draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Might as well publicly delcare your fealty now. 

Offseason Forever!!!

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