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OSU vs. IU Betting Odds (Bovada supplied / -20.5)

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August 17, 2017 at 3:48pm

So I'm a regular visitor at Bovada and the desire for buckeye football to return ASAP had me checking to see if there were already odds posted for the opener.

Sure enough there are already odds at -20.5 for OSU. I'm curious to hear others opinion on this line. I know it's a road game and I'm just a little bit of a homer for the buckeyes but with Kevin Wilson returning to IU, first game of the season, a night game and the hunger the team appears to have I feel like we'll easily cover this spread.

What's your thoughts?

(I know championship odds, etc. have been posted but I didn't see anything related to the IU game. If I missed it please redirect me.)

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