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How would you define a bad season for Ohio State?

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January 22, 2017 at 2:53pm

We're quite blessed as Buckeye fans. The loss against Clemson was the big deal it was because it was so incredibly, astronomically rare and unlikely given the historic strength and quality of both the Buckeyes brand and Urban Meyer coached teams. We're so accustomed to success that we can even use the S-word (spoiled) to describe ourselves. I know other friends who like other teams certainly call me that when they hear me complaining about *only* getting one national championship in the last decade.

I know there were some who called last season's 12-1 campaign "bad" or "a let down" or "disappointing." It's not entirely unreasonable to see it as a disappointment considering it was for the most part the same team (in terms of players, not coaching) that had bulldozed the cream of the college football world the season before, and considering that the stars of that team went on to have incredible rookie seasons in the NFL. But can you call a 12-1 season where you beat your rival a "bad" season with a straight face? I certainly can't.

But then that leads me to my question. What would a bad season be for the Buckeyes? 3 losses including a loss in a bowl game? 4 losses? 5?

Is it a bad season if we make the playoff as a 1-loss team but that one loss comes to our archrivals?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

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