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Deshaun Watson : I'm the best player in the country

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November 20, 2016 at 11:15am


So I'm not against a player having confidence in himself.  In a sport like football, that's actually one of the biggest positives a player can have about his abilities.  We all know that in recent years the Heisman Trophy is more like a popularity and hype contest than actually determining the best player in the country, and typically after the announcement of the winner, the also rans give props to the winner and just kind move on prepare for their bowl games.  Think Vince Young.

Watson has taken the other route, making sure that we all know that the voters made a mistake and that he is in fact the best player in the country.  Maybe this is a way to pump himself up, maybe he's a little insecure, maybe he's a "me" guy instead of a "we" guy, maybe all of the above.  But I have to say, recalling what has been happening to Heisman winners the last few years, I actually wish he had won.  But this might be the next best thing, having a guy continue to think about the Heisman as much as the next opponent.

I feel this is a good sign for the Buckeyes. I'm thinking that he tries to put too much on his shoulders and he'll try to go beyond himself to make plays to prove something. That plays right into the hands of our secondary if he passes, and gets lit up if he tries to run.  Am I reading too much into his comments? 

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