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    2) Attending Floyd Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya fight.
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Comment 26 Mar 2020

Well to be fair, in this part of the country right now, the death of the infirmed or elderly is considered to be a net positive for everyone so why should Mississippi (I refuse to call them "Ole Miss", as if what Mississippi's history stands for is somehow good times) cash in on their deaths too?

Comment 05 Mar 2020

I lived through those Cooper years as a student.  Yes, the loss to Michigan St was devastating and that pounding by Ron Dayne and Wisconsin was terrible, esp since I was in attendance at Ohio Stadium. And I don't even need to mention those losses to Michigan.  But he was a damn good coach, brought in talent, had a Heisman winner no one thought would happen the year before, and has one of the best Ohio State Rose Bowl wins in history against Arizona St. This bashing he takes is pretty lame and petty.

He could have left bitter but John Cooper has proven to be a Buckeye through and through; this man is a Hall of Fame coach and I give him my thanks for putting us back on the path to championships.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I'm confused, you say you're in favor of the 1 time transfer rule with no penalty, then suggest that it should be that you're forced to stay for 2 years but if you wanna transfer then there should be a 1 year penalty.  So are you're really saying that you support exactly what the system was before the transfer portal?

Comment 24 Feb 2020

This is surprising, that he would leave and go to a competitor.  But I guess it's a move up as he gets to coach also...but that also makes it weird. Makes me wonder if Marotti has thoughts about coaching as well because to me he's as indispensable as Coach Johnson.

Comment 24 Feb 2020


It kills me to hear all this people bash Drake (I have my thoughts as to why that is), who actually has the academic background to be president of a top academic institution, and would instead have a former football coach.  It not only shows ignorance of great magnitude, but also shows a lack of understanding of what the president of top academic institutions are supposed to represent.

Comment 29 Jan 2020

While going to their site to find this post, I came across this:

Regarding not being able to beat OSU:

Could it be coaching? Could it be the players?

“I think it’s a combination of the both,” Bush said. "Obviously I was there, but I just felt like we need the right mentality. We need to walk into that game and not be like, ‘OK, I hope Ohio State don’t show up today.’

“Nah, it’s like we gotta go in there and we got to take it.”

“We had a lot of guys come out and go to the NFL and be good, and still playing,” Bush said. “We had NFL talent at Michigan. It’s just the mentality at Michigan."

Bush continued: “It’s like we’ve got to win one. Sometimes I think people get stuck in that hole.”

Well that's not great.

These idiot fans can say what they want but when the players themselves are pinning their only hope on Ohio State not showing up for the game, that lets you know just where they know they are as a program and in the rivalry, and Bush was one of their best players!!!

Comment 26 Jan 2020
The NIT will not be considered a positive. Some of these comments (not the NIT one) just make me sick. If we made the tourney and make a run these idiots will be the same ones talking about how they knew we could do it. We have demolished teams that are currently ranked. This is a good not great team going through a rough stretch. Tomorrow's game will be a good indication of what we're made of.
Comment 26 Jan 2020
Then get your ass on the team and play. Its problematic when people bash this team when they themselves have zero talent. If they suck what are you?
Comment 24 Jan 2020

Yeah, I didn't even read the comments because I know for a fact its full of people trashing this team.

That said, I have no clue as to what's going on!  This is the same team that demolished Villanova and N Carolina; you typically don't see a team fall so precipitously after looking so dominant.  But I still maintain hopes that we can make the tourney; the B1G is absolutely treacherous and I think these games will help down the stretch, especially in the tournament.  YES, I believe we will make the tournament.

Comment 19 Jan 2020
It has been proven in many sectors that not cooperating with investigations and blocking evidence can garner positive results, regardless of the optics and evidence. College football is just another one of them.