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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1) Attending Ohio State v Oregon in 1st ever College Football Playoff championship.
    2) Attending Floyd Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya fight.
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Comment 07 May 2019

I consider this great for Rutgers, which can be good for us.  Rutgers can go nowhere but up and hopefully Ash has gotten his guys in there and is ready to make a move.  A better Rutgers is a better B1G East and is a better opportunity for us to play better competition.

Comment 07 May 2019

GOD JT BARRETT SUCKS!  I mean the guy cant even throw!

Seriously though, I will never get some of the Ohio State "fan" base. There are very few QBs in our history that I've personally witnessed that I will always remember; Barrett is one of those.

Comment 03 May 2019

No, it's not exactly their political beliefs but I won't get in depth about my rational because of site policy issues.  Also, I cannot just "leave politics on the side" as I do not have the same luxury as you to just forget all my troubles for 4 hours. And something tells me that your experience with the Bosas would me markedly different than mine, just do the research on papa Bosa, it's quite discouraging.

College football isn't an escape for me, it's a sport that I enjoy watching and supporting, but my support isn't unconditional.

Comment 03 May 2019

Could we please stop talking about the Bosa?  I know there are people here who will defend anything to the death but they are no longer hear.  Plus the more I hear about Joey and their father beliefs the more I just want to distance myself from them and the fact that they even attended The Ohio State University when perhaps they would have felt more comfortable at Alabama or Mississippi or some other school below the Mason-Dixon line.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

I am a kid from Akron, Ohio.  I am not a fan of the state and not particularly a fan of Akron or Columbus.  But the things I like most about being a Buckeye is that it's more than being from the Buckeye state, it's about attending and graduating from such a fine institution.  I know, it's not Harvard or Northwestern but going to a respected university and getting my degree is the best thing about being a Buckeye.  It's bigger than winning football games to me, I'd rather lose every game than to have a degree that doesn't mean anything.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

I guess this is where some fans are at in the offseason, complaining about why some wins don't get as much praise as others.

Anyways, 1) 62 is greater than 42 and is also the most points we've every scored against michigan. 2) The Game was played in Columbus vs up there. 3) They came in as the favorite for the first time in a long time and many expected a loss. 4) the 2015 season was destroyed by Michigan St a year after we destroyed the last 3 teams to win a title. 5) Things that happen more recently have more of an effect, 6) We were actually thought to be in consideration to be in the playoff and destroying everything in our path was necessary and this was the start of that, whereas in 2015 we weren't even in the B1G championship game

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I am completely for this.  Howard shows that even after all the beating and pretending that it doesn't hurt, the Ohio State hate is still strong.  He is the Anti-Herbie, a guy who doesn't even try to pretend he's being objective and is a homer to the highest degree. 

Comment 23 Apr 2019

What hits?  What the hell are you talking about?  This is where we are now, just completely taking things out of context and associating them with us somehow? I mean people need to make up their mind, either someone says something and it's instantly regarded as truth, or we wait until actual evidence and proof comes out that makes something a fact.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I consider this fantastic!  This not only provides the team with something to prove, it takes pressure off of them and puts it on the Michigan chokers.  and most importantly, the odds to win the national championship has already changed from 7-1 to 9-1.  I'll be in Vegas for a wedding and I hope its even better so I can drop a bill on it.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Admittedly, I was SOMEWHAT skeptical. Not really of Day but of the fact that he literally had 3 games head coach experience.  But he's not only proven to be a great recruiter but he's not as hard headed as Meyer and is willing to admit he doesn't know it all, and this coaching staff shows that he's willing to delegate to others who may know more than he does, while simultaneously learning from them. I can feel that Day can be a year 2019 Meyer, with very little of his bad points and a fair amount of his good ones.

Comment 08 Apr 2019


 I had the unfortunate pleasure of attending the National Championship game against Florida in football AND basketball. I remember the same feeling during both, euphoria, then a slow numbing.  Yes, I remember the football one more because the Ginn TD to start the game was amazing, but the basketball loss is right there and we hung in but then Florida just slowly pulled away.  Championship losses hurt, no matter what sport.  But let's remember...Auburn wasn't a championship loss. So really, there is no comparison, at all.

Comment 07 Apr 2019
Well at least in this instance its the school who actually achieved something saying it. But....saying to each other is weird. Also, so they ran out the nanosecond the guy missed, ran outside, celebrated for like 10 min, when in that time the foul has been called, the 3 FT made, Virginia celebrating, walking off the court. So no one out there knew 10 sec after they got out there that they lost???