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A graduate of The Ohio State University, traveler, progressive, geographer, all around OK guy.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1) Attending Ohio State v Oregon in 1st ever College Football Playoff championship.
    2) Attending Floyd Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya fight.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Currently under evaluation
  • NFL TEAM: Chicago Bears/Cleveland Browns
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Comment 18 Jul 2019

I am ecstatic to see that michigan has been picked as the fav. The only reason this even happened is because Urban retired but that the new clowns and reporters don't seem to understand is that not much has changed, in fact, things are better than ever before.  I know  you can't just replace Urban but in Day we have a new generation offensive mastermind (which Urban was a decade ago), we have the infrastructure he's left with top coordinators, position, strength coaches and recruiters, we shed a lot of dead weight, and lets not forget, we're still pretty fuckin talented.

I see one loss, my head says Nebraska as it's an away game, Michigan state is next and this seems like a trap/look ahead type loss but after that it's full steam ahead to pounding "the favorite" at home. I haven't been this excited about a season since 2015.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

This is just disingenuous!  It's so easy to say this but how many times have you seen the same guy say once a buckeye always a buckeye bash a guy once he has a bad game, or says something they don't like?

A Buckeye isn't someone who just came here, its someone who STAYS here. If you went your entire schooling at Ohio State, but then graduated from Miami, Oh, your degree says Miami, not Ohio State.  That's my mindset.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I think people like saying "Once a Buckeye, Always a Buckeye" because it sounds so quaint. But people absolutely do not mean it.  If LSU plays and beats us, you'll be like "YAY, a Buckeye beat us!"?  Cause I wouldn't. Is Martell still a buckeye after badmouthing us?

Once you leave, you leave. Good luck out there but I'm not wishing the guys do great.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Although I don't have a problem with Burrow, I'm kinda over him.  I don't hope him any ill will but I don't think I'll be rooting for him, LSU, or any SEC team for that matter.  I don't care if they beat Alabama or not because whoever comes out of the SEC will be seen as the best team in the country outside of Clemson. They are THE rival but the SEC as a whole is A rival to me. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Hov, I don't know if you're a boxing fan but this made my day, seeing boxing on this site.

My pops was a boxing fan and I didn't really get into it until the 90s and the rise and demise of Mike Tyson. I had to reach back to really learn about and love the sport and this was around the time I first saw whitaker in action against Oscar De La Hoya. In doin the research for the fight I saw the Chavez fight and that's what really got me to see just how dazzling he was.  At the time I had him beating Oscar but in looking back Oscar's aggression carried him through aaaallll those missed punch, of which there were a lot!  Even against Felix Trinidad, Whitaker lost but Tito never looked so out of sorts. 

He had a few demons with drugs, but this isn't something exclusive to fighter or athletes, but inside that square circle he had very few peers defensively, mostly being mentioned with Willie Pep, the only may who won a round without throwing a punch.  It's sad to see someone who was so great go out in a way that is so random. Nonetheless he'll always be remembered by boxing fans; when I see someone evade 6 or 6 straight punches in a row, I'll immediately think of Sweet Pea.

Comment 15 Jul 2019

1) The NFL has allowed rapist, racist, abusers, and drug addicts continue to play football.

2) As we have all seen, there is only one thing that a player can do to be banned and blackballed from the NFL.

3) To pretend that Zeke isn't a target is down right stupid.

4) I'm not going to defend his actions because frankly I don't think they need defending. But if you're the type to be "fed up" with his actions, your life sucks and you're pretty self righeous because his life has zero impact on yours.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

Ahhh, so you would have rather had the other three rather than Mo and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  Got it. And Tress, what a piece of garbage for wanting to help someone from his hometown, geeez.

Comments like this are amazing to me; I'm almost certain that he thinks Geiger was great and Smith sucks.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

I agree 100%. This is why it saddens me to see Gene Smith get so much hatred on this site and others.  If he did the thinks Geiger did people would have been literally calling for his head.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

It's unfortunate that so many people have so much vitriol for Coach Cooper. As someone mentioned above, the guy is a Hall of Fame coach and gave Ohio State some of it's best teams and players.  I was alive around that time and I also was very frustrated by the losses to michigan. But that's what makes THIS path of destruction we've left on them even greater.  But that was over 20 years ago, even Chicago forgave Bartman...let it go!

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Personally I think this is the equivalent of the michigan September Heisman. How about we let the guy coach 1 full season before saying he's going to be better than the best coaches in Ohio State history.  But then again, if you're wrong, it's like being wrong at doesn't matter cause there are no consequences.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

"Try not to hug Andy Geiger too tightly the next time you see him."

I won't hug that guy for anything except for leaving. It astonishes me how much hate Gene Smith gets but how this guy just skates off after throwing Clarett under the bus and for the debacle that is the Schottenstien Center and for the Jim O'Brian fiasco and other.  I can only ponder the reasons why this is...

Comment 26 Jun 2019

I'm unsure why anyone is surprised by ESPN's article.  They have to protect their property, the SEC and ACC and the best way to do that is to start the hit campaign early.  The Bearcats and Florida Atlantic are capable of winning their conference, but who cares.  And there was no mention of chickenshit sat, but when you have to play in the toughest conference in any sport in the known universe I guess it's OK to have your out of conference practically be high school teams.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

6 or 7. I attend games, watch on TV, and will travel across the country to attend bowl games. BUT I never lose site of the fact that as fun as football is, The Ohio State University as an academic institution is more significant and important.

Sportswise, this is the order: Buckeye Football, Boxing, Buckeye Basketball, Browns/Bears, Cavs, New Orleans Buckeyes.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

1) did you even attend this school or any other?

2) name the egregious thing that Drake has commited against this university, or against humanity since apparently he's a war criminal.