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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1) Attending Ohio State v Oregon in 1st ever College Football Playoff championship.
    2) Attending Floyd Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya fight.
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Comment 20 Sep 2019

As someone who have been an adamant Gene Smith supporter...thank you. I was mad about 2011 too but my thought was never "Gene must go". And when you look at the garbage michigan had, it makes me appreciate him even more.  Now if he every said "free tickets for coca cola!" then maybe I'd look at him different.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Ohio State was VASTLY overlooked for the whole season.  There is no way we would have been anywhere near a title game with 1 loss. As miraculous those last 3 games were in 2014 and how crazy that season was, the 2002 season remains as my favorite as we were underestimated the entire season AND beat what was called the best team in college football history.  And seeing how far Miami has fallen since that game is just priceless.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

So Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino?  THAT'S hilarious. Titles doesn't indicate who is the better player, it indicates who has the better team.  Most coaches would have stuck with Kelly and we wouldn't have even seen Lawrence; if Fields had been given that opportunity at Georgia who knows what could have happened.  But as it turns out, Georgia's loss is our gain.  While I do not believe that Lawrence is this generational talent that talking heads have determined after 1 season of football, history has shown that Fields is better so I'm gonna roll with that.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I don't understand why you are so quick and adamant to defend espn. So you genuinely don't think that Disney, a billion dollar company and owns espn, props up the sec (and now the acc) in order to bring in more revenue?  And no, I'm not saying ESPN hates Ohio State.  But I definitely believe that they love and prop up the sec SINCE THEY HAVE A FINANCIAL STAKE IN THEM and go out of their way to make sure that most news about them is glowing.

Remember the 1st week, when Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri lost to Group of 5 teams and others barely escaping?  Power ranking still had them as far and away the top conference.  Imagine if that was the B1G or any other conference, that first week would be used as a rational why the B1G shouldn't be in the playoff. Shit, they are already making scenarios that have 3 sec teams in the playoff! I know, that's only the narrative because 3 are ranked in the top 5 but if 3 B1G teams were in the top 5 the narrative would be how can the sec get in.  This really isn't rocket science.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I get your frustration but 1) Ohio Stadium will never, ever, EVER be half empty. 2) I don't think I feel terrible for fans not being able to make a profit from selling tickets.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

So due process is dead, just suspend him, throw him in jail, maybe the death sentence will make you happy.

I don't like the guy, but I'm not going to sit here and say he did it, I prefer to wait to see how it shakes out. Some of you folks kill me, you'll complain about the #metoo stuff but when someone you don't like gets accused of something you're ready to just say he's guilty knowing nothing about what happened.

Comment 09 Sep 2019
What does one thing have to do with the other? I never understand people who look for thibgs to complain about when theres nothing really there.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
I believe the issue is the head coach. This is a team in name only (full disclosure: i alwsys hated this hire). This is a group of guys that need to be brought together to be a team and a 1st head coach is not the one for that job.
Comment 05 Sep 2019

And this is why I go after people who say Zeke is a knucklehead.  Zeke hasn't done ANY type of these antics, one situation was when he was still in college which was BS he was even suspended, one was having fun in New Orleans consensually, and the last was some overzealous security guard.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

As opposed to some oh here saying "I'm glad Zeke got paid, but...", I'm glad he got paid, period.  He has earned that cash for the way he's performed on the field, not to mention the way RBs have ben getting the shaft the past few years, as if all they do is run the ball.  They block, they catch, they're decoys, and they take more hits than anyone else in the game.  If he "kept his word" on the contract (as some said he should do), Dallas could either franchise him twice, using up his prime years under a rookie contract, then just ditch him and he'd never capitalize on his best years. I do not feel one iota of badness for the team owners (let's not forget they own the team, not the humans who play).  They are rich as hell and they will still be able to walk if they sold the team. And it is so irritating how the same person who thinks college players should never get paid will also bitch about players getting paid too much when they become pro.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

It is so indicative of people's thinking today that people feel bad for the poor billionaire owners and actually put the blame on the people who actually are doing all the work and making the sacrifices. The billionaire owners aren't forced to raise costs on anything, they could easily make prices cheaper but choose not to, but I guess that's the players fault as well.

Comment 03 Sep 2019

Man some of you guys do not disappoint, I KNEW I would see this somewhere.  White guys get jobs and recycled even when they have bad records because of "merit", black guys get jobs because they're black.  Got it.

It's not surprising that people still feel that being black is some sort of advantage in coaching when the percentage of black coaches is staggering low, it's just sad and unfortunate.