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Remember when we didn't like Meyer?

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October 19, 2016 at 4:29pm

Let's take a short step back to the way-way-back machine to the far off year of Two Thousand and Seven. In this year, having recently won the "Game of the Century" against the Michigan Wolverines, the brave, burly Ohio State Buckeyes stepped up to the rapscallions known as the University in the Peninsular State Down South Snapjawed-Bastards (AKA, the Florida Gators) coached by some unknown nobody upstart who everyone knew would never amount to anything with a made-up name like "Urban Meyer" or something like that.

First play of the game, the Buckeyes come out screaming, with Tedd Ginn Jr. returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Surely, the Buckeyes will triumph, thought everyone in those early moments.

Then what happened? Urban Meyer happened. The Buckeyes ended up getting blown out 41-14.

I was only in high school then. I remember how mad my dad was for the rest of the month of January. We lived in Northwest Florida, and he'd made the mistake of inviting all the neighbors for the game, all of them Gators fans. He had to confine himself to his study for the entirety of the second half to stop himself from getting into a fight. Urban Meyer was at least indirectly the cause of my dad's anger, and I imagine Urban Meyer was a dirty word to many Buckeyes for years to follow.

Now ten years later, Urban Meyer is building a powerhouse to last in Columbus. He has a chance to win two national championships in a three year period, which would easily make him the best Ohio State coach since Hayes.

Oh and the University of the Peninsular State Down South Snapjawed-Bastards? They're contending for the SEC East title every year, I suppose. That has to mean something, right?

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