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Ohio State Offense Run-Pass Balance

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October 2, 2016 at 9:48am

I know Urban consistently says he wants the offense to be balanced between run and pass. I think I saw a little more dedication to that at points yesterday. The truth is we attempt about 29 pass plays vs 51 run plays per game. We are averaging 244 through the air and 332 on the ground. Now as it stands we are closer to 40% pass and 60% run. Is anyone else concerned at all about being able to move the ball through the air when we play Wisconsin, Michigan, MSU? Noah Brown and Curtis Samuel are fantastic athletes and can go get the ball, but I think both could improve their routes. Dixon, Mclaurin, Campell, KJ Hill, Victor, Mack, and Clark are all talents as well but I don't see fantastic routes out of these guys either. We need a few of these receivers to step up their route running so guys are open more consistently instead of relying on athleticism.

Anyone else want to see a little more out the WR and dedication to the passing game in general? I feel like there are some factors that have skewed stats; blow outs, ball control, and knowing we can impose our will in the run game on most teams. Still moving the ball through the air with some consistency will allow us to manipulate the defense numbers to keep them from keying in on our base run packages. I also feel we need to take a few more shots down field.. I think we have more than enough speed guys to get after it especially if we can get one in a 1 v 1 vs a safety. I think McLaurin has demonstrated great speed, leaping, tracking, and body control ability in spring games and limited action.. Devin Smith lite.



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