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Cardale Ran the Offense Better Than JT... The Stats

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August 21, 2015 at 6:37am

Overall stats for games started (12 games for JT, 3 games for Cardale):
Passing? Cardale passed for 251 ypg... JT - 246
Rushing? Cardale's games - team rushed for 292 yards avg.  - JT's games - team rushed for 246 yards avg.
And, what about Zeke? Zeke Averaged 232 yards per game with Cardale at QB; Zeke averaged 98 yards per game with JT.
And, Cardale made his mark against 3 elite defenses... JT's stats were mostly against mediocre (at best) D's.

So, apples to apples, let's take JT's easier teams out of the equation. Let's look at tough games. i.e., JT and Cardale's 3 toughest games - (Va Tech, Penn State, and Mich State for JT), (Wisc., Bama, and Ore. for Cardale)...

Average team yards gained in each of their 3 big games:
w/Barrett - 198 Rushing - 197 Passing
w/Cardale - 292 Rushing - 251 Passing.
Average points in 3 big games with Barrett -31.  Average points with Cardale - 47. 

There seems to be a developing foregone conclusion that JT runs Meyer's offense better than Cardale. Sorry. Some of us just can't see that. Individual stats, maybe? Team stats? No way. 

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