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Could YOU get into Ohio State now?

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April 7, 2015 at 6:24pm

I couldn't. I hold a BA in International Studies from my beloved THE. But in 1962, I was only admitted because it was against the law not to do so - I held an Ohio HS diploma. Today? I know 4 point kids who were class presidents who were accepted by _ichigan but not Ohio State. Wrong if the kid is from Ohio, right otherwise. The young Chinese girl who has spent 2 years here with my next door neighbor got acceped at THE. It's a new world, in O-H so many ways. I just simply love Ohio State and am so lucky that it launched my life. Side note - my buddy was on a remote beach in Cambodia and for the hell of it yelled O-H and honest to God heard a very faint distant I-O. Checking in to my local golf course early last Friday morning, the little Korean gentleman ahead of me was asked to spell his last name. He said OH and I SCREAMED I-O. Scared the crap out of him but damn it if you're going to live here, there's one and only one answer to O-H.......

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