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Who is Fong?

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December 3, 2014 at 8:52pm

Since there hasn't been a gray box in awhile and I'm having trouble getting through the work week in anticipation of Saturday night, I thought I would ask if anyone else noticed a Buckeye on the sideline during the last game whose scarlet jersey was emblazoned with the coolest football name maybe ever....Fong. Sure it's a name better suited for table tennis than the gridiron, but there he was in all his glory and I saw him with my own eyes. Like most mythical creatures of urban legend status, Fong does not appear on the official roster. So how is he in uniform you ask? Asking myself this question is part of the reason I don't sleep at night. I did inquire of Fong with my friend Google, but only found a Chris Fong on an Ohio State Club Football Team roster. Is this a real thing, or another urban legend like Knights Templar or the Jim Bollman Fan Club? Could club football players be allowed on the varsity Buckeye sidelines? It's honestly all too much and frankly I feel as though I'm making myself a target just asking this question. Who is Fong and how did he get here? Can anyone help a brother out? 

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