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Arm chair Offensive Coordinator - VT game - what's your gameplan?

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September 3, 2014 at 8:36am

Since we are all (well at least most of us) arm chair QBs or OCs during the games on Saturday, what are the 3 keys to your game plan for the Bucks this Saturday against VT?  Here are mine, in order of importance:

1) Establish control on the OL with a solid push up front, creating running lanes and dictating what the offense does

2) Find an identity in the running game.  Is it EzE, or is it Samuel or Rod Smith?   Is it by committee?  What are the roles?  I thought during the Navy game, especially in the first half, they tried to run EzE and that didn't work great.  So then they tried to get Wilson/Marshall/Samuel to the edge and get the corner but wasn't overly successful.  I'm not saying the running game has to be what it was last year, but I think they are searching for an identity.

3) Time to air it out, in a controlled setting.  I'm not saying sling it around 50 times, yet there is a home run threat in Devin whenever they want to take a shot and favorable matchups in space with guys like Marshall and Wilson.  I'm okay with passes into space to Wilson/Marshall, but I would really like to see the other WR be an integral part in the intermediate routes.  I trust JT being the 'distributor' so lets distribute it more than just in the flats and the home run ball to Devin deep.


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