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Who was YOUR favorite ohio state quarterback to watch?

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August 27, 2014 at 2:54pm

We all know how many outstanding quarterbacks this school has produced through the years and i am interested to see where buckeye nation stands on this topic. A few names that come to my head quickly to jump start this conversation would be Mike Tomczak, Cornelius Greene, Art Schlichter (who could forget that name!), Bobby Hoying, Craig Krenzel (definitely my second favorite), and Terrelle Pryor (mr tattoo himself!) but in my eyes the best QB in ohio state history hands down would have to be the man the myth the legend troy smith! He led us to a 12-1 year in 2006 and was the last buckeye to hold up that precious heisman trophy that every college football athlete dreams of raising. I have never seen anyone at the QB position at ohio state run as quickly as him and throw a football as accurate as him. He could break down defenses like peyton manning in his hayday. it was so impressive to watch and i miss that a lot. he was a coach's dream and he was the perfect example of speed kills. Sorry about the rant but i just wanted to hear what everyone else thought. thanks guys! #michigansucks #troysmithforeverandever #OH #IO

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