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The best Ohio State recruiter may not be who think.

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July 26, 2014 at 8:09pm

After seeing Mr Elliott speaking to Torrance Gibson on the sidelines last night and how he was involved with Justin Hilliards recruitment and family, he may be the best recruiter Ohio State has. Yes, UFM carriers two national championship rings and plus all of his on the field success. However, when Mr. Elliott enters the picture first he represents a different point of view to the whole process. To a point, he doesn't gain anything personally if a player chooses Ohio State or not. So I feel the result is the mother, father and family are more likely to listen to his story and experience and believe him versus a coach. In the case of Torrance Gibson, I can only imagine that Mr. Elliott was giving him friendly fatherly advice. That by itself could have a bigger impact on a 18 year kid if someone like your father is talking to you. 

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