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Comment 18 Dec 2018

As a fan, I feel fortunate that we have Coach Holtmann. After a difficult night he finds ways to compliment the team while giving an honest view of things. He will fix and do what is needed behind closed doors. The way he handles his business will cause players to play hard and give all they have. As these players mature watch out for his teams. Now let's get a win on Saturday. 

Comment 21 Jul 2018
Michigan seems to have everything in line for a good season. The 2 pieces they have been missing was QB play and O Line play. By adding Warriner that should help them tremendously. I think this could be their best shot to beat us. HOWEVER, ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SO SUCK IT MICHIGAN.. AGAIN!
Comment 28 Jun 2018
So this was his sophomore year highlights. After watching them think about the fact he has 2 more years of high school. He is really light on his feet for his size. Let me be the first to say, get the shovels ready because Buckeye Grove is going to have another tree to plant.
Comment 05 Mar 2018
Denzel could have been a great teammate we will never know because aren't part of the team. What is clear, these bowl games which bring in millions of dollars for the league and school doesnt mean as much anymore. Denzel will likely be given a $17M contract with a $10M signing bonus after he is drafted. His mom and family could likely use some of that. If the league and university want these guys to play then pay for a $25M insurance policy. Smith the LB from Notre Dame screwed up his knee and dropped to the second round. He missed almost the whole game vs us and was screwed in the draft. He probably would make a different choice today