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Comment 17 hours ago

Urban said that he wasn't handling his business in the spring. My guess is that his grades and workouts weren't where they should be. He got a wake up call and for a young freshman he made a quick turnaround. It was enough for Urban to mention his improvement last week. 

Comment 23 hours ago
I wasn't sure it Tate was going to easily fit in here. He appeared to have quite an ego and during the spring he seemed a little inmature. 6 months later, I feel he is well on his way to becoming a team leader. For a young man to get choked up over what it means to remove tape from his helmut says alot. He exhibits the passion that will drive men to follow him.
Comment 17 Jul 2017
What also hasn't been pointed out is that Chris does a tv commercial for Byers Mazda/Suburau, here in Columbus. He has had a relationship with this company for years. It is not fair to Chris for Ohio State to associate him with Honda, without his input or approval.
Comment 19 Jun 2017

He has quick feet for his height. I expect that he will gain a few lbs. and with his hands and speed make a significant impact in the next couple of years. Look out for these unknown guys from small schools they have a tendency to come out of know where. 

Comment 18 Jun 2017
This is not a 3 Star player "That said, he's in line for a bump in the next rankings update after posting a 4.31-second 40-yard dashing, a 42.5-inch vertical leap during Ohio State's camp on Friday. He also bench pressed 225 pounds with such ease the staff made him stop after only 16 repetitions..."
Comment 15 Apr 2017
If JT is not the right guy I am sure Urban will pull the trigger. With the right offensive coordinator and QB coach it makes a big impact. I can't see wasting the talent on this team, like we did in 2015, because we have the wrong QB running the team. The coaches will know who to play. Remember Wilson has no allegiance to JT.
Comment 26 Mar 2017
Need a new open hate thread for WBNS 10tv for breaking in to announce a tornado warning in Madison County that hasnt landed and then for 5 minutes not saying anything that made any difference. So Columbus missed the ending of the game.
Comment 14 Feb 2017
Seriously?? 50 lbs in a little over a month. Thats amazing either way
Comment 24 Jan 2017

I would like to see his 40 time, shuttle, etc versus Zeke's. One thing I noticed in the video was his vision and ability to make quick and seemingly easy lateral moves. Players would have an angle on him and soon were grabbing air. Get him in some open space and watch out. It will be interesting to see if he has the top line speed to run away from DB's once he breaks the line. I am glad he is playing for us. I will be the first to put him on the Heisman watch :)

Comment 06 Jan 2017

SEC knows what a guy is worth and pays accordingly....

...BTW Michigan now pays their assistants better than us.

I think one reason the SEC pays their coaches more is they would like them to stay more then just a couple of seasons. Kirby Smart stayed at Alabama for something like 7 years before leaving to coach at Georgia. He was paid well and stayed until the perfect job for him became available. Ohio State and maybe now less so at _ichigan, based on their current pay rates, bring in coaches knowing they are likely to leave in a few years for better paying or head coaching positions. If Urban goes through a period of mediocre performances, as a result of poor coaching, I would bet Ohio State will start paying a little more to their coordinators to keep the good ones a little longer. Also, I agree Warriner should have never left the O Line. 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I know a guy, who is related to another guy that sent me a text saying Lattimore is definitely going to make a decision...