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Annual SEC-B1G Week One Matchup

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April 29, 2014 at 1:15pm

One proposal that was put forward by local media here in Nashville was that the city should host an annual week 1 college football marquee matchup between a B1G team and SEC team. The city is a melting pot of several fanbases and i think it is an awesome idea. This is a great city to which to travel, and is relatively neutral, especially given the aforementioned melting pot. Of course, they'd have to avoid "stinker" matchups that involved Illinois, Indiana, Rutgers, etc. However, the stadium would be packed by any SEC team's fans (yes, even Kentucky and Miss. St.) because coming to Nashville is like going to New York City or LA for them.

For the first few games, there are obvious matchups that would increase the allure of the game - OSU v UF, PSU-Vandy - then there are games that just b/c of the teams could be outstanding, if they stick to mainly the good programs. Trust me, it could be a HUGE draw, and I wish the city would try it. It's a wonderful city, with TONS to do and a pretty decent venue for a football game.

The game would be big enough to garner sponsorships, and a primetime kickoff. I'd propose the following games for the first 5 years -

1. Ohio State v. Alabama

2. Michigan v. Tennessee

3. Penn State v. Florida (LSU if UF doesn't)

4. Wisconsin v. Georgia (Texas A&M if UGA doesn't)

5. Michigan St. v. LSU (S. Carolina if LSU doesn't)

To me, it is a no-brainer. I know that there are many hoops through which to jump, and it is only a piepdream (advance scheduling, buyouts, loss of home game revenue make it a virtual impossibility). However, it could coincide with the SEC's requirement to play a "power" team each season. UF and UGA may opt out, as they already play BCS Conference opponents annually as a rivalry.

The stadium is big enough, and could certainly generate revenue. Granted, some schools may make more on home games, but the momentum from winning an early season matchup like this would be fantastic.

Not a bad venue for kicking Saban back to hell


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