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Cool Woody story

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March 14, 2014 at 4:56pm

Hello Buckeyes! Figured I'd share a funny story about the time my father interviewed Woody.

For many years my dad was a reporter. In this case he was covering an outdoor campaign event in the mid-80s that Hayes was in attendance for. He told me he knew Woody was tight-lipped with the press but he couldn't pass up the opportunity to interview him.

I can't remember who he said the picnic was being held for, but first he asked Woody about the candidate and got one word responses. Knowing Hayes was a big supporter of the military he tried asking some questions about that but still Hayes didn't open up.

Finally when he asked how the Buckeyes were going to look Woody started talking. Of course Woody said the Buckeyes were going to be good, and after going into a little detail my dad asked him about Illinois (The Illini were coming off a Rose Bowl appearance).

"They cheat" Woody muttered.

"Well everyone cheats" my father replied.

Woody stood up, slammed his fist down and said "Young man, Ohio State does not cheat!"

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