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Do you believe a True Freshman will start the majority of the 2014 season?

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February 8, 2014 at 4:20pm

Obviously this is a little early to be looking at this, but I've seen a lot of posts and even an article of two from the staff on this topic and was curious for everyones opinion on the issue. Me personally, unless a serious injury occurs I don't see it happening. I see guys getting in the two deep or rotation but not starting. I can site last year as an example. Aside from Bosa, because he's a once every 25+ years kinda guy everyone thought Wilson would be starting over Brown, Mitchell would be starting over Grant, Johnson would find his way at LB, one of our top rated corner recruits would start, and one of our top rated WR would start the majority of the year. This stuff never happened and it took the majority of guys a year to get used to the speed and physicality of the college game. Starting with the obvious positions you can rule out off the bat IMO are:

  • QB- Braxton
  • DL- returning everyone
  • TE-not bringing one in 
  • WR -we're returning a lot of upper classman here and getting in the rotation as a freshman would be an accomplishment in itself.

Now looking at the less obvious positions I see our:

  • S as Bell & Powell ( Erik Smith battling for two deep)
  • CB as Grant & Reeves, Conley, or Apple (Webb or Lattimore possibly in two deep) 
  • STAR- I see Burrows locking this down
  • SAM- returning Perry who's been starting for 2 years Mitchell will back him up
  • MLB- Grant, I love McMillan and think he'll be a 3 year starter but not starting his freshman year and jumping a senior
  • WILL- I see Trey Johnson locking this up got good PT as a true freshman behind Shazier. 
  • OL- this is the trickiest position to be confident at IMO. I see initially
    • LT- Decker LG-Elflein C- Boren RG- Price/Underwood RT- Baldwin
    • I see Meech and J. Jones as guys that could potentially start but they would have to beat out some good players. Meech would have to beat out Boren at C or Price/Underwood at G. J. Jones would have to beat out Baldwin, Dodson, and Lisle for RT. I don't think this will happen but if I had to pick a position a freshman would start OL would be it. 

Anyways this is my opinion on how stuff plays out unless and injury occurs. Lets here from you guys. 


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