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Leadership for Next Year's Team (Men's Basketball)

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June 8, 2024 at 8:48pm

I don't want to read too much into one Adam Jardy text and a couple of offseason social media videos. But it does seem like Meechie Johnson might be the most natural, outspoken leader we have had in the program in awhile. And I obviously mean the 5th year grown man version of Meechie, not the 17-18 year old one that played here previously.

If true, I am not saying it guarantees success. You can have good leaders on bad teams. But when I think of most of the best Ohio State teams of the last 25 years or so, they seemed to have outspoken guys that not only held themselves accountable, but also made sure their teammates were doing so as well: Scoonie Penn in both his seasons, David Lighty in his final two seasons, Aaron Craft in his Soph-Senior years (though his senior year team underwhelmed a bit), etc. Maybe the exception is that Thad 5 team that lost to Florida in the title game. But that team was so loaded with talent, and had a ridiculously calm and poised Freshmen PG, having a strong leader probably did not matter.

I think maybe Ja'Sean Tate was that guy for Holtmann in Year 1, but not sure we had it otherwise. Guys like EJ played like a dawg and Duane played with unbridled confidence and enthusiasm, but as far as vocal guys that held others on the team accountable, I am not sure we had that. It's tough to know for sure as a fan, even one as crazy obsessed like myself. It's not like we are in the lockerroom, on the practice floor, etc. But Meechie just seems to have that "it factor" that guys like Scoonie, Lighty, and Craft had. And I think returning to the program probably helps him feel comfortable taking that role. I doubt there is much, or any, pushback from Bruce as he seems like a "lead by example" kinda player. And I don't see either of the other multi year in the program upperclassmen (Mahaffey and Etzler) pushing back on Meechie's leadership.

Again, Meechie could be an ideal leader and the Bucks end up 14th in the Big 10. But I do think most teams that win (or even compete) for titles and/or make deep tourney runs have strong player leadership. And it seems like we have that guy this year. We'll see if it means anything.

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