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Make OSU Basketball Reporting a Subscription Paid for Part of 11W

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February 22, 2020 at 6:10am

There is currently no beat writer dedicated solely to hoops recruiting, men or women. Only a thread that is fed occassionally in the forum by a 11W member. No more filler for bored football fans who would never give hoops the time of day were it not offseason. The women are going dancing, in all likelihood the men as well. Maybe it isn't feasible for what is first and foremost a free football site to risk losing basketball coverage, but at the moment its doing a disservice to die hard basketball fans by offering free coverage that only goes half way. One commentor wrote after the loss to Iowa, and I quote..."This team sucks. I can't wait for football season to begin"...unquote. Do this bored football fan a favor, make him pay to post comments like this. He probably won't. You will be sparing many fair weather fans the depressing experience of having to follow the hoops team that does not live up to the same expectations of a football team expected to contend for a national championship every year. We live in a pay to play era. We on this site are fortunate as hell to be able to receive free content dedicated first and foremost to football. As one commentor told me once, it is 11W, not 5W. So in for a penny in for a pound. Make hoops content on a pay for basis, give basketball fans dedicated hoops coverage. coverage

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