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Do we really want Wisky,MSU and *ichigan to reach the final four?

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture
March 30, 2014 at 1:56pm

Just sitting here thinking about it a little bit and thought I might gather some thoughts from some other fans of tOSU. Do you want to root for the B1G even though these teams are our hated rivals? Would we not be stooping to the sec sec sec level? If we have 3 of the final four teams it would almost be a certainty that a B1G team wins the National title,which is a pretty big deal. Would the media even care? We know if Kentucky,Florida,and Tennessee made the final 4 that we wouldnt hear the end of it EVER. Will they praise the B1G for conference supremacy? I for one will never in my lifetime root for *ichigan to win in anything EVER. This is basketball not football,and I feel like some of the younger generation has been taught that our biggest enemy is the sec when in fact they are completely irrelevant to us especially in basketball. There is rooting for your bracket, and maybe money is on the line who knows.But then there is rooting for one of your bitter rivals to "win it all" and somehow try to piggy back off the success of said rival "sec style". I guess Im hoping that we havent reached that level yet and that we as fans of tOSU will want our own accomplishments to speak for themselves. For the record my bracket had Wisky,MSU and tOSU all making it to the final four. I just cant root for all the publicity,bragging rights,recruiting advantages that come with a National title to go to a team or coach that I despise. Guess Im anti-sec in that reguards.

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