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New ESPN Bracketology - Buckeye Match-up

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March 10, 2014 at 12:46pm

ESPN has a new bracketology, with the buckeyes holding on to a 6-seed in the Midwest (better than the West as we've been slotted hypothetically the last few weeks).  The 6-3 match-up in the 3rd round (should be second round, but whatever) would be, in my opinion, a nightmare matchup for the buckeyes.  Syracuse in Buffalo.  Thad's team has really struggled this year against zones (struggle is the nicest way I could put it...), and I would be scared to death to see this Buckeye team go up against the Cuse zone (not like other Buckeye teams who handled it well).  Our lack of 3-point shooting skill in many games, coupled with the fact that in almost every loss we continue to shoot a ton of them, could be a horrible game to watch.

Obviously all hypothetical, but I saw that match-up and dreaded having to watch us shoot contested 3's after passing the ball around for 32 seconds of the shot clock.


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