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** BROHIO UPDATE ** #3 Theory: Connor's High School Coach Got Him on to the CMU Sideline. Bonus Partridge Connection

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November 17, 2023 at 9:12pm

OK. Some more fun coincidences. On November 9th I posted this about the connection between the Partridge family (not the cool one) and the Stalions. 

I started digging into it. The Stalionses (Stalioni?Stalionses? IDK) and the Partridges go back a long time. Let's take a look at a Facebook post of the Stalions parents on the field that Connor's mom posted on Sept 17 2017 the day after the Michigan/Air Force game. Sick Live Laugh Love filter Kells. 

Keep in mind, Connor is with Navy at this time. On this picture there was this comment that was liked by Connor's mom. 

So obviously the Partridges and Stalions go back to well before Connor was hired. Hell, in a now deleted tweet, Connor said he was an honorary member of the family 

I've posted all this before and I still think that Partridge was the head of this snake judging by his reputation of illegal tactics concerning transfers and specifically Jabrill Peppers and Rashan Gary when he was at Perasmus Catholic. But what never occured to me was to look at that guy that mentioned Partridge on Connor's mom's Facebook.

Who is John Blackstock? Well he isn't just John Blackstock. He's Coach John Blackstock. Connor Stalions head coach at Lake Orion High School. He also likes getting field passes to Michigan games from Connor and Chris Partridge. 


Guess where John Blackstock played college football? I'll give you a hint. It's in his Twitter handle. You guessed it. John Blackstock is a multiyear letter winner and Kurt Dobronski Award winner at CMU. He interacts regularly with the staff, especially during his tenure as Lake Orion Head Coach. Do yourself a favor and search John_cmu29 & CMU together on Twitter. 


Boys I think there may be a chance he helped CMU staff in some capacity and CMU has erased all traces of it. There are CMU recruits thanking Coach Blackstock in their visit tweets and also videos from CMU camp with recruits tagging him. There are a shitload of them. Here's some examples

This is awesome

Don't worry Coach. He did. 


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