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Is Bama on the Level of OSU and Clemson This Year?

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October 18, 2020 at 12:14pm

I know it's early to draw conclusions after one game, but Alabama is really good this year. This year, I think the general consensus was that OSU and Clemson were on the top tier in CFB with everyone else a bit behind, but now I'm thinking that Bama is on that top tier as well. To be blunt, that offense just seems unstoppable. The OL is solid and Najee Harris is an incredibly talented RB that's very difficult to bring down. Mac Jones has been surprisingly good at QB, and they seem to have found yet another elite WR in John Metchie to go along with Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle (best WR in the nation imo). They shredded UGA last night, which has as good a defense as you will find in CFB and is just dripping in talent. I think they'll put up at least 30 on any defense in the country, including ours. As loaded as we are, I'm shuddering thinking of matching up with them.

As for the defense, the jury is still out them for sure. I think the fact that they adjusted so quickly to UGA's offense and pitched a shutout in the 2nd half says more about them than the Ole Miss game, which was a black mark for sure. But the talent is obviously there, with Pat Surtain and Dylan Moses leading the way. They might not look great now, but by the CFP, I think they'll be playing much better; I wouldn't expect anything less from a Saban team. 

Honestly, I might put them right with Clemson in terms of how good they are. Lawrence is better than Jones, and Etienne and Harris are about even (Harris is tougher but Etienne has more burst) but Bama's receivers and OL are better than Clemson's for sure. The Venables defense, on the other hand, is definitely superior to Bama's work in progress, but doesn't have a lot of the veterans from last year. Hopefully both teams play each other in the 1st round of the CFP, though I think we'll have to go through both to win it all.

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