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What's Your Solution to This Season?

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July 10, 2020 at 1:25pm

Ok, so assuming that there even is a season, and then also assuming that there's a postseason: I think it's safe to say that whatever type of playoff we would see is already going to be different considering the B1G's announcement and whatever subsequent announcements pop up. And there may be only so much value put into a championship this year, but you still have to want to win it if we're playing ball.

That being said, IMO conference only schedules would leave quite a few more undefeated teams. And with a shorter regular season we could see a possible expanded playoff. I'm all here for this.

Hear me out, it's a crazy year as it is. So once the 10 conference games are all played, instead of having a conference championship game - decide the champ by best record because it's nearly round robin anyways.

I say then let the top 16 teams across the country play in 4 domes according to region. Use a committee, use a formula - I don't care - just find a way to agree on 16 teams. Then you're left with 4 rounds in 4/5 weeks. The champion still only plays 14 games with a 10 game regular season, allowing for a theoretical extra bye week to be more 'flexible.'

Purely speculation on my part, but I believe strongly that cfb will have a conference-only regular season this year. Which could really open the doors to reformatting the current scheduling tendencies. Why do we play non conference before conference? Let's get right to the divisional games, then give the best teams the chance to play each other as they prove it throughout their own conference season. Open up the playoff to 16 teams this year (because why not? It should be easier to mantain safety with regional isolation) and let the real matchups begin at week 11!

Bama vs USC, TTUN vs Georgia, LSU vs OSU, OU vs Florida, Oregon vs Clemson. Back to back to back to back weeks. These games would make absolute cash with no fans and just broadcasting deals.

And also it would just be really fun and refreshing.

What are your ideas? Thoughts?

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