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How Contagious Are People Who Test Positive for Covid-19 but Have No Symptoms? (Closed)

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May 22, 2020 at 1:03pm

This question of Covid transmissibility is very important when weighing the risks of when or even whether to hold in-person classes in the coming fall.  No one wants a big second wave of inffections come fall.  At the same time, people want to resume normal living, and economic costs are rising by the day.  

Transmissibility is also central to the question of how much Covid spreading will happen when college sports resume, with and without specators.  And for dorms and other student housing. 

This recent article in Science offers some surprising insights and findings not often aired in news media and other outlets which tend to sensationalize the dangers and risks we face:

For example, here is something from the article that you will not find on most discussion boards or nightly news broadcasts: 

"(But)... in real life, some people infect many others and others don’t spread the disease at all. In fact, the latter is the norm, Lloyd-Smith says: “The consistent pattern is that the most common number is zero. Most people do not transmit.”

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