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Kansas/Kansas State Brawl

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January 22, 2020 at 10:44am

Saw this last night and am surprised no one here has posted about it. Aboslutely embarrassing to see the brawl that transpired. 

On one hand, the Kansas State player should have never stole the ball and just let the clock roll to 0. Obviously, Kansas was trying to just run the clock out in a game that was clearly out of hand. On the other, hand, I get playing til the final horn, but in a game that's out of hand - it is a tough call. 

Instead, DaJuan Gordon decides to steal the ball and the Kansas State players steals the ball and tries to score a layup but it is emphatically blocked by Kansas big man Silvio De Sousa. Benches cleared and a brawl ensues. Players are seen thrown punches and even going up into the stands to continue the fight - primarily Kansas from the footage we can currently see. De Sousa is even shown picking up a chair ready to hit someone with it at one point. 

I have no dog in this fight as I don't care for either team but if I'm Kansas, Silvio De Sousa is off the team. Let him stay on campus if he wants to better himself as a man and show you are willing to help. But don't let him suit up in your school colors anymore. There are no justifications for his actions. I don't care if something was said to him - we all have had stuff said to us at some point in life that made us want to go there (I've had plenty of racial things said my way) - but whether it is on or off the court, you HAVE to be the bigger person. 


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