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OBJ Handing Out Cash To LSU Players

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January 14, 2020 at 10:53am

I will start off by saying I am thrilled LSU won and congrats to Joe!

There is footage of OBJ and Zeke in the LSU locker room after the game which is pretty cool - especially with what OBJ says he is going to do with the cleats Jefferson wore - seemingly a jab at the NCAA.

But I also saw footage of OBJ handing out cash to multiple LSU players. One is their junior superstar receiver, Justin Jefferson. Probably won't be as bad since he will go to the NFL now anyways, right? However, at the end of the video in the tweet, he is seen giving cash to a different LSU WR, lesser known #13 Jontre Kirklin who is a junior as well and likely NOT going to enter the draft. Will be interesting to see if the NCAA just turns the other way for him. 

OBJ and the LSU players have realize there are cameras all around. I will say it is nice to see the players being paid for their likeliness after the NCAA just made a cool billion last night. 

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