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Pat McAfee Makes Fun of Urban's Health Problems After Gameday Dig

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December 4, 2019 at 4:39pm

Here is the first tweet from BTN's Mike Hall, then Pat McAfee response

  • Just interviewed Urban Meyer. At one point talked about this year doing tv, he says "I had fun - turns out folks wanna talk about football, they don't want to see jumpin' in lakes or goin on rollercoasters" ... ...I feel I may know what he was alluding to. The man is competitive.
  • I know it can be hard to remember things but it was a river not a lake. My mom as soon as it happened said “When you were in the air, I started having heart complications OUT OF NOWHERE” She’s been completely fine ever since.. happy for her. Anyways, thanks 4 watching Coach.

Urban is talking about Pat jumping into a rive while at the Baylor Oklahoma game. Really an asshole move from McAfee. I doubt Urban was trying to put down anybody and what he was saying is true, Gameday has always focused on entertainment while Fox focused more on football. He wasn't calling anybody out just saying the truth and that Fox brought something Gameday refused to. McAfee has been more involved with Gameday recently and is likely going to be the person who replaces Corso after he retires. I imagine the Gameday/Fox rivalry will continue and Gameday will continue to alienate OSU fans. 

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