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Paul Finebaum is Still an Idiot.

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November 27, 2019 at 7:10pm

So just drove down the road to pick something up and the pail finebaum show was on the radio. For a what was about a 20 min drive I heard three of the worst takes come out of Paul’s mouth, that quite honestly, made him look like an absolutely idiot. 
First take: he said he has never seen a number 1 team win by 40 and still drop in the rankings. Someone want to tell Paul that it just happened the week before? 
Second take: the remainder of LSUs schedule is better than Ohio States and he thinks they will jump Ohio State again in the rankings. So Paul, you’re saying that unranked A&M and Georgia are much better than two top 15 teams? Good look. 
Final Take: If Ohio State loses to Michigan and wins the title game, then it’s for sure Bama would get in over us. That one... is so horrendous that I refuse to comment. 
Verdict: Paul Finebaum and his callers have a collective IQ of 45. 43 of which going to Paul. 

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