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Question For Those @ the [PSU] Game, Did the JoeBots Behave Themselves?

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November 24, 2019 at 8:49am

Was fortunate enough to make it up to Columbus for thanksgiving and "The GAME" last year. Bribed my youngest son (Air Force Spokane Wa) with great seats to the game, the rest of the family was scattered about the stadium. My sisters actually took part in the celebration on the field. The ttun fans were all very respectful and having a great time, before the kickoff. We only had 1 fan of the enemy in our section and he was drunk and annoying before and through out the game till we put it away in the 3rd. Solid win despite the TO's. Just curious how the JoeBots behaved themselves before, during and after it was obvious OSU was clearly the bettet team despite the fumbles?

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