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Is Danny Kannell "intellectually Dishonest"?

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October 8, 2019 at 9:22am

This morning on The First Team, on Sirius XM College Sports Radio ESPNU Radio, Danny Kannell was stating his Top 8 which includes Clemson at the number one spot.  

OK, are you done laughing?  Good, I'll move on.

His sole justification is the very reason the AP poll is basically a discredited joke: Until Clemson loses, they deserve to be ranked first. Period.

He said he took some flack from "an Ohio State blog" yesterday when he tweeted out his Top 8 and he said he was told his list was "intellectually dishonest", at which point he acted offended.  Co-host Greg McElroy chimed in that "that's a serious allegation."

But, is it?

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