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Inside the Psyche of Jim Harbaugh and What His Game Day Headset Tells Us About His Neophobia.

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September 20, 2019 at 10:28am

Neophobia: Fear of new things.

Signs: Finding yourself being stuck in a rut, avoiding risks.

When the question was being asked this offseason of whether Jim Harbaugh would loosen his grip on the Michigan offense and allow newly poached coordinator Josh Gattis to run that aspect of the program, many in Buckeye and Wolverine country waited with great interest. However, if one had studied the Michigan coach closely enough, the answer had long since been answered for you. Every game since his first as Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has worn a wired head set. He is on record as the only FBS head coach to still use this technology (see citation at end). While the wired head set is more reliable it comes with many cons. Players and coaches both often find themselves caught, tangled and tripped by the wiring the headset requires to operate. Also a full time position is needed (cord guy) in order to manage the wired head set. While new technology exists that would allow for Harbaugh to stalk the Michigan sidelines cord free, he simply refuses to let go of his old reliable. And this is where we begin to see that there was never a chance that a new (speed in space as the Wolverines like to call it) offense would emerge at that school up north. Harbaugh, the Wolverines 7.5 million dollar a year man is not just unwilling to change, he is terrified of doing so. The condition is called neophobia, and as defined above it is a fear of new things. Could the hiring of Gattis been nothing more than a publicity move? Could Harbaugh have been making his seat a little less warm all while still planning to keep the same system in place? The evidence found through his past actions seem to point to exactly that. 

*Edit* Sorry everyone I had no idea this was against some sort of unwritten rule. Will keep that in mind for the future.

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