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macdaddybuckeyesupreme's picture
July 11, 2019 at 9:38pm

Not going to lie, mgoblog is a.....guilty pleasure of mine. Seeing them get so excited as they think they are having a good season only to come back after another beat down by the buckeyes and theyre all on the cliff about to jump. Its like a drug, you know?

Go over to Black shoe diaries and they freak out after Ohio St beats them for a big time recruit. Its just....bliss and pure joy.

Its like an addiction, now I went and checked on texas 247 forum and oh boy, the delusion is real. Thinking Tom is gonna take them to the promised land, and thinking theyre and elite tier 1 like Alabama or Clemson.

So fellow eleven warriors, I ask what is your sites you like to check out?

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