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An Examination of TTUN's Championship Regression

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June 27, 2019 at 11:27am

TTUN's tragic loss in the College World Series final last night got me wondering when they had last won a national championship for one of the Big 4 sports (football, basketball, hockey, and baseball), so I made this chart detailing their past championships.

As most Buckeye fans know, the pinnacle of TTUN's football success was over a 100 years ago. Indeed, as you can see from the chart, they were a powerhouse in the early 1900s... but as the years went on, they stopped winning championships. With the exception of half a natty that they shared with Nebraska in 1997, they haven't won National Championship in football since shortly after the end of WWII. They've actually had much more success with hockey, winning 9 National Championships on the ice since their last unshared natty on the gridiron. 

As you can see, however, TTUN has hit a bit of a dry spell, with it being over 20 years since they've won a National Championship in any Big 4 sport. In fact, while they've been competitive in every sport (except football, of course), they seem to always be bridesmaid, but never the bride. As a user on MGoBlog pointed out:

Of the 7 universities that have made at least 3 national-championship game/series appearances during this time, they're 1 of only 2 that have done it in multiple sports and they're the only team not to win at least 2 of them, let alone 1 (Alabama: 5-2, all in football; Minnesota Deluth: 3-1, all in hockey; Vanderbilt: 2-1, all in baseball; Virginia: 2-1, 1-1 in baseball and 1-0 in basketball; Clemson: 2-1, all in football; South Carolina: 2-1, all in baseball; and Michigan: 0-4, 0-2 in basketball, 0-1 in baseball, and 0-1 in hockey).

In conclusion, TTUN is a hockey school going through a particularly bad slump.

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