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OT: Trevor Lawrence Trade Hypothetical

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February 21, 2019 at 7:31am

Well it’s offseason and it’s the perfect time to debate meaningless shit, so I figured i’d Let you all in on a topic that snowballed into an all day affair yesterday amongst my colleagues. Here goes: Think like an NFL GM. In a 1 for 1 straight-up player swap and also assuming he would have to comply to NFL rookie contract rules, what current NFL player would you NOT trade for Trevor Lawrence right now? Explain your answer. 

FWIW, Mahomes was mine. I also argued Aaron Donald but had to consider he’s 27 and you’d have to pay him $135 mil over the next 6 years vs Mahomes on a rookie deal for essentially 4 more years. 

PS this is no slight to Dwayne who I love btw but Lawrence would absolutely be the first QB taken in this draft had he been allowed to declare. 

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