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An Early Look at TTUN's 2019 Schedule

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February 9, 2019 at 5:50pm

I took a look at their 2019 schedule and I noticed, it's a pretty difficult one. So I'll go through their schedule 1 game at a time and give my thoughts on it. I don't know the exact numbers, but I think they return a lot of starters on offense, lose several quality players on defense (Bush, Winovich, Gary) and they're replacing like 5 assistant coaches, including their OC, QB coach, and WR coach.

Middle Tennessee State - Should be an easy victory

Army - They're actually one of the better G5 teams. They won double digit games last year and I believe return a lot of starters. I'd say this one is challenging, but should be a victory

BYE - First of 2 bye weeks, in the 3rd season of the year. Yuck

At Wisconsin - This one will no doubt be a night game in Madison. I think the Badgers are poised for a bounce back.  Wisconsin also gets a bye week for this game. I'd say this one is a coin toss, leaning towards loss.

Rutgers - Not really going to go into this one. Easy win

Iowa - Playing the Hawkeyes at home is challenging, but I'd say it's still a likely win

At Illinois - Another easy win

At Penn State - I imagine this will be Penn State's whiteout night game, actually I'm 99% sure it will be. I think this one is a likely loss.

Notre Dame - Another hard game, right after the road game the previous week. This one is about as 50/50 as it gets. ND probably the better team, TTUN with the home field advantage. Also should point out ND gets 2 weeks to prepare for this game.

At Maryland - This one screams trap game. The Terps should be an improved team and make it to a bowl game. Challenging, leaning towards a win


Michigan State - Another coin toss game. It's at home but Harbaugh is 0-2 vs Dantonio at home. You would THINK this would be a victory, but Sparty will give it everything they have. Call it a coin flip, leaning towards a win

At Indiana - Another trap game, senior day for Indiana. The Hoosiers have given TTUN fits over the past few years, so this won't be an easy game. Challenging, but likely a win

Ohio State - They get us at home, but this one is a likely loss until it isn't.

I see a 9-3 season and quite possibly 8-4. Your thoughts?

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