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Dantonio Only Reshuffles Staff/Valenti Rage

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January 11, 2019 at 12:35pm

As I am sure some of you heard, Mark Dantonio did not fire any of his offensive staff members. Rather, he only switched their positions around. In talking with my Sparty friends, we all agreed on that this was a remarkable display of stubbornness. How can somebody objectively look at the MSU offense from last season and not realize that the ship is sinking? An even better question: How can somebody justify having JIM BOLLMAN on their staff? He was outdated in 2011 when he was still at OSU and I am simply amazed that he is still employed in the ranks of major college football. 

I almost feel bad for their QBs, because it is clear that they could be somewhat talented (maybe I'm giving Lewerke too much credit here). The other aspect of this that will be fun is that Mike Valenti, the 97.1 radio host in Michigan, will probably light up Dantonio today in his show. It starts around two and I recommend listening. Dude is hilarious and is actually pretty spot on most of the time. 

Let's prognosticate: what do you think will happen to Sparty's offense next season? Will it improve at all? Get worse? I think it will get slightly better, but the ineptitude will still be there. Maybe we will see improvement out of Lewerke, but it is hard to say. One thing is true: the walrus is still getting his clams.

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