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FBS Coaches Considering Splitting Targeting into 2 Categories

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January 9, 2019 at 4:23pm

 I've been saying this for years. Just like basketball, 1 is 15 yrd penalty but player remains in game, 2 is ejected. Biggest problem is refs have to decide if there was intent, very subjective. But better than always losing a player because of the definition of the penalty, helmet to helmet.

Link to the article

Todd Berry, the executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, said Wednesday that the FBS coaches in their annual meeting unanimously supported a model that would assign Targeting 1 or Targeting 2 to a player who makes forcible contact with the crown of his helmet. Targeting 1 fouls would result in a 15-yard penalty but no ejection or suspension. Targeting 2 fouls would result in an automatic ejection and potential suspension. 

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