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Comment 12 Jan 2019

The biggest challenge with The Portal is sifting through it.

“Lots of these guys are walk-ons who never played,” says our guide. “You have FCS guys mixed in. You don’t know if he’s an All-American or he’s graduated and just put his name on here. There’s no filter. You don’t know even know if they’re academically eligible. It’s interesting.”

First, why do walk ons need to enter into the portal, if they aren't on scholarship, can't they leave and go where they want? 

Second, why does it not surprise me that the NCAA can't come up with a better interface that allows sorting and filtering?

Comment 10 Jan 2019

This is very encouraging 

What he inherited was a group of players that were certainly talented (look at current NFL players such as Jake Ryan or Frank Clark) but were either put in bad positions or didn’t have the technique necessary to compete at a high level. Mattison changed that nearly overnight.


 Really, it starts with technique and fundamentals, and given how the back seven for Ohio State struggled in that area in 2018, expect that to be shored up quickly in 2019. Mattison is a master at diagnosing where players are faltering and turning that around.

Comment 03 Jan 2019
Living in Clemson country I'd love nothing more than some dirt to come out on Clemson. Sick of their fans holier than thou attitude, how they do things the "right" way, dabo is such a good man etc. No one ever talks about how he berated a cop for pulling him over in town speeding or when his three random player drug tests test positive for the same thing. Probably just something anyone could consume unknowingly, couldn't be something the program provided the players. I'm not saying they do anything worse than other programs or even ours, just they push the envelope like everyone else.
Comment 23 Dec 2018
Clemson area is nice, but to credit the real estate boom to Dabo is BS. We've been in SC for close to 20 years, 14 being in Greenville. Greenville is exploding, right between Atlanta and Charlotte, and only 3 hours or so to the beach. Clemson is close to two of the largest lakes which makes it ideal especially with a great engineering school. Clemson being good at football currently helps, but it would boom anyway. Can't stand the majority of their fans, holier than thou, we do it the right way BS and Dabo is a douche. Close second to Michigan