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That Guy Who Killed All the Hookers

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December 14, 2018 at 8:26am

Pete Thamel wrote a surprisingly interesting profile on a guy that I completely forgot existed. And so did everyone else apparently which is sort of the point of his story on Craig James.  This is kind of a long read, but it has it all: college football, politics, religion, quotes from an actual pirate, and yes, even a reference to the aforementioned dead hookers. Our very own Buckeyes even play a prominent role in this story:

Back when Herbstreit played quarterback at Ohio State, he can remember sitting in the Buckeyes’ team hotel in September 1992. As they killed the day waiting to play No. 8 Syracuse, Herbstreit watched ESPN with rapt attention.

The Buckeyes had struggled in early season wins over Louisville and Bowling Green, and Herbstreit recalls James comparing the Orange to a Corvette and the Buckeyes to a clunky truck. More than a quarter century later, he still remembers James’ specific caustic comments about Ohio State.

“Craig James was as obnoxious as he could be about how Ohio State was from the Big Ten and slow and in for a rude awakening,” Herbstreit said. “You talk about galvanizing. You should have seen our locker room. What was missing for two weeks was there and we blew them out.”

I actually vividly remember that game but have no recollection of James at the time. I know we call Trev Alberts the original Mark May, but it seems that Craig James was the original Trev Alberts. Anyway, here’s the article:

I think Mike Leach sums up the moral of the story best: 

Leach said of James: “You create your own karma. It looks like he might have created his.

Here’s to hoping that McMurphy is well on his way to having created a similar karma.


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