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2nd Maryland Report - Culture Not Toxic

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October 25, 2018 at 8:55pm

The 198 page report on Maryland football culture describes lots of problems but says it was not toxic and did not lead to death of player.  This WaPo article discusses the report and provides a link to the report itself.

UMD board of regents of have met once about report, one conf call, and have a closed door meeting on Friday.  Articles in DC area have speculated that Coach Durkin, AD, and University President are all possibly on the chopping block.  

This earlier report on 126 page report on death of player found training staff did not follow protocols.  Here is a link to that article which also contains a direct link to the earlier report.

The Maryland State Attorney General also conducted a probe, but I can't find anything on its status (e.g., ongoing or finished, just assume it was never released)

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