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Comment 31 Dec 2017

I think Urban has the most wins for the first 6 year's at any division 1A school.  I remember watching FSU a couple of times in the last few years were it was mentioned Jimbo had the record for 5 or 6 years, and thinking Meyer would easily break it.  As some have noted teams play more games now so maybe somebody had a higher win percentage.  I check Knute Rockne and came up with 90% (although I figured each tie was half a win and half a loss but can't remember if that was correct), but I couldn't think of anyone else that might have a faster start.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

Someone may want to start a poll on who either who starts first game at QB or who starts most games next year at QB.  Then they can redo the poll after the spring game, it will give us all at least 2 more times to diss really talented QBs.

Comment 22 Dec 2017

Al is probably bending Dick's ear right about now.  Still have my Marquette NCAA winner shirt.  

Comment 07 Dec 2017

Well looking at their stat sheet it seems he played more QB than wide receiver.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Not sure their is much to complain about with No 1 class.  But part of this I would think would also depend on if another team/coach they had considered changes.  For example, as Herman makes Texas look better, OSU may not get as many top recruits out of their.  Jimbo leaving FSU might result in a few more north Florida recruits.  The recent bad losses doesn't help, but the recent NFL success of OSU players helps.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Big 10 should allow teams to schedule OOC cupcakes before rivalry games.  Also, no string of tough games in a row (MSU then UM the previous two seasons would have to stop) within conference (spread the expected tough games throughout the conf season).  Only one at most marque OOC games, no TX and ND in the same year.  If Auburn had beaten Georgia, they would have made it in with 2 FCS wins, so the prohibition against those games should probably go out the window.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Interesting my Nebraska fan friend at work was not that happy.  He kept harping on UCF lack of D (which watching them twice against the Terps is a concern).  But still, this hire at least has the ability to be a great hire.  We both scratched our heads the Riley hire.

Comment 27 Nov 2017

I'm old so I don't know how to make gifs, but shouldn't we have some with someone (Harbaugh, Harbaughs crying kid, Mark May, Desmond Howard) running a camera into JT or dropping a camera onto Webber?  You know, something we can send to UM fans for the next year.

Comment 15 Nov 2017

I like to listen to this before meetings I need to trash someone.

Comment 28 Oct 2017

Well if the FG kickers can't put it out or deep into the end zone, maybe one of the soccer players (men or women's team) can and would like to walk a top 5 football team.