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Comment 23 Jun 2017

Has OSU petitioned/asked the NCAA for the wins back?  It doesn't seem to be any rationale for giving them back to PSU but not OSU.  Obviously their crime was worse, and I don't see that they have behaved better since the penalties were given to both schools.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I'll agree since I'm not part of the Cavs fanbase.  I think they should trade him to the Wizards, for Daniel Ochefu.  To help the Wizards stay under the cap Lebron should decide to play for the minimum.  If we are going to entertain batshit crazy ideas that drive my Cleveland relatives psycho, the ideas should at least benefit the team I support.  How about a historical thread on how the Browns should have traded Otto Graham or Jim Brown to the Redskins?

Comment 31 May 2017

Lebron has been moving up, but I still have Magic and MJ over him for best player I saw.  Still not sure who I would take between those two.  Russell, Wilt, Oscar, Jerry were basically before my time, at least their peak.  Larry, Kobe, Kareem, and Shaq were probably the closest out of the rest I saw.

Comment 26 May 2017

1. 69 to TTUN.  As a little kid, first time I learned OSU could actually lose.  Worse than figuring out Santa Claus ain't real

2. 71 to Stanford.  How could they not finish up against the surfer nerd boys?

3. 2007 FL.  After winning two 1 vs 2 games, I figured OSU was battle tested.  I thought losing was possible, but not getting blown out.

4.1998 MSU. Worst game not for a title.  Maybe second best OSU team I saw to not win a title (69 would be best)

5.  To depressed at this point to continue.  Time to sleep.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

When out its pretty much craft beer and a few imports.  At home, almost all home brew.  I can go 2-3 years without an American mass market beer, then I have part of one and regret it.  I think last time I had two was party for a buddy's wedding number 2 about 18 years ago, still regretting it.  Although I don't worry about beer glass styles when out, I do have a bunch at home (just spent about $40 on 4 different Belgian beer style glasses because eventually you break enough of them) but also a shitload of mugs and pint glasses.  Although I enjoy it, I wouldn't give anyone shit for not giving a crap.  On the other hand, everytime I go on a trip I check out brewpub and beer bar locations before leaving.  ps, a good website if you want to spend a lot on beer glasses

Comment 06 Jan 2017

The blowout could hurt national perception if it is part of a trend, like blowout lose to UF, then lose next year to LSU, then get blown out by USC.  The LSU loss wasn't bad really, young overachieving team makes championship, but going along with the other 2 losses it created a bad national perception.  Even so, OSU finished top 5 the next two years but was not getting any benefit of the doubt until 2 years ago winning the Natty.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Since OSU wore the 1916 unis this year, can they break the 1916 record next year on someone and score 129 points?  That might help me recover from this weekend. 

Comment 28 Dec 2016

On basketball, guys work out more like pretty much every other  sport (you can notice the difference when you watch ESPN classic) but in hoops the fundamentals are worse since top players don't stick around enough in college.  

In football I can remember Sam Huff saying he didn't work out until he got to the NFL.  If you go back to back to the 60's, maybe 70's, guys worked in the off season at normal jobs and didn't have the time to work out as much.  I have the last 4 OSU NC bowl wins on BD and DVD, and watching the 1969 Rose Bowl and the 2003 Fiesta Bowl its amazing how much stronger the players looked.  I would think some of the top HS programs now have better weight rooms than NFL teams in the 70's.

Comment 26 Dec 2016

I won't be in Phoenix for the game, but I go there almost every year for a conf at the convention center.  

Here are my eight  favorite places in Phoenix (food, beer, music), last 7 all walkable from Convention Center downtown, last 6 are in the art district which is a cool area. 

Four peaks

Canyon Café

Mother Bunch Brewing

Lost Leaf

Angels Trumpet Ale House

Trunk Space

The Nash

Bliss Rebar

Comment 16 Dec 2016

Anyone know why he only got a year of probation?  I was wondering if most people in OK would have gotten jail time for that (if its a first offense), or if it looks like he only got off lightly because of football.  Besides her civil suit against him, does anyone know if she has any Title 9 grounds against OU for letting him play?  Also, anyone think the NFL may suspend him when he comes out?