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Most underachieving teams?

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April 20, 2017 at 2:58pm

All the talk about Ohio State being neck and neck with Georgia for several Peach State recruits got me thinking about how bad of an underachiever Georgia is as a program. All the talent in that state and a wide-open SEC East division, and yet Georgia hasn't won their division, let alone their conference, in about five years now. I know they're victims to a lot of talent siphoning from other programs (yo, Bama), but even so they always seem to be blessed with a powerful run game and an on-paper very winnable schedule. Given the talent they have and the relative weakness of their division, they should be doing better.

And this got me wondering if Georgia is the worst underachiever in college football. Who else can challenge them for that dubious crown? UCLA? Nebraska? Oklahoma? Texas? Tennessee?

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