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What am I missing with Jabrill Peppers?

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June 21, 2016 at 7:02pm

Let me start off by saying that before he committed to UM I wanted Peppers as badly as anyone. He consistently a top 5 recruit across every recruiting service in the country and was heralded as a game changer. While he does have the talent the more I find that I watch this guy the more baffled I am by his game and by his hype. In his first two years at Michigan he has exactly 0 interceptions and for him being a game changer he hasn't blown me away when they put him on the other side of the ball either. If he is truly the jack of all trades that people hype him up to be why does he only have 2 TDs and 26 touches for the entirety of the 2015-2016 season? If he can play anywhere on the field why are they moving him to Linebacker instead of keeping him at corner, arguably the most important defensive position in the game today. I watch his highlights and the majority of the time he is making plays against far inferior opponents and his tackles for a loss are jumping on top of the linemen who have already secured the ball carrier. Is it just me or is it baffling to everyone else how this guy was named a second team All-American? Give me Vonn Bell at this point in their college careers any day anytime.

Lastly no one seems to bring up the fact that halfway through his college career he has yet to prove where he truly belongs on the field! Is he a good enough ball hawk to play safety? Is he too small to play linebacker? Why are they moving him from corner if he is THAT good?

The talent is there and he may very well develop into a star athlete but SO FAR, he looks like a guy who had a TON of hype and talent coming in but may end up being a potential mid-round draft pick. /rant

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