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Ohio State Cheerleader Halloween Costume

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September 21, 2022 at 8:28pm

Hey guys,

My girlfriend and I are hosting a Halloween party and we want to dress up as an OSU football player and cheerleader. My part is pretty easy, just have to pick between my Fields or Zeke Jersey.

But we’re having some trouble with the cheerleader outfit. They only seem to make actual OSU cheerleader outfits for infants and juniors. I haven’t seen any 3rd party/non-branded cheerleader outfits that look similar to the OSU outfit, and we aren’t in Ohio so a generic red skirt and top would not be recognized by folks here. 

Does anyone have thoughts on where I might find something? I wish I could buy an actual authentic uniform, but I doubt they sell them to the public. My girlfriend is rather petite (5’1” and pretty slim), so we were thinking maybe she could fit into a juniors XL? She seems on board with that plan but I’m a little bit concerned about the length of the skirt haha. 

Any suggestions you all have would be really appreciated! 

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